What does Berber sound like?


Poem 1

°am ajDheed


°amar ennagh! °irxear en rafraHat idanagh theggeed
Hey, our Amar! What a nice happiness you have made for us

es-tesreeh n-arabbi °idanagh yasseshnen °abrid
Whith the permission of God, who guided us the way

masha embash °anessen rafraHat °idi thallid
But in order that we know what happiness you are in

°ixassish ataTTawed ektar zi eg ajDheed
you must fly more than a hawk

thaZaHHasht enhara wa xanagh vu etba€€eedh
Laughing won't to leave us today

enhara dhenhar n-asshabab, nigh mash thanneedh?
Today is the day of the youth, isn't it?

°aai wassura! aqqa theDDahharem axmi yuktha wanzar dhu Sammidh!
Hey, you old people! You're looking as if there has been rain and wind!

anhaara edh anhar en sukkar, walli vu en tazemmeeth!
Today is the day of sugar, not of knead bread!

°iwa farHem, farHem akedh muray eth tassreeth
So be happy, be happy with with the groom and the bride

min ettugha azzun arebbi aqqa yaggasenteedh
God has made for them what they were looking for

°iwa lhamdu lillah °idhasan yassashnen abreedh
Praise be to God who showed them the way




Poem 2


°irxear ithxadhmem


muray annagh ammis an-nimsermen
Our bridegroom, you son of muslims

thasritha widhash ityasseshnen?
Who has shown you this bride?

thasrith annagh ayellis an-nimsermen
Our bride, you daughter of muslims

achzar gha wghambuw annem
Look at your face

muray iajbas azzin annem
The groom likes your beauty

chammem ayiudhan chammem
Look you people, look

irchear ithchadhmem
What a beautiful thing you have made

umittusim ghar urara
As you came to this wedding

wa dhays theggim vu gerra
Without making war in it